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Family Adventures: Our Trip to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore

On our recent trip to Singapore in February 2024 we made a stopover at Legoland Resort in Malaysia! Travelling with kids (ours are 9 & 4yrs) can be crazy, but I'm so glad we did this and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be! I will break down our stay and transfers from Singapore in detail below as well as all the costs at the very bottom. If you're going to Singapore with kids, I definitely recommend a night or two at the Legoland Resort Malaysia! Take a look at our full Singapore blog here.

Before You Go -

Do your research!

Check out the Legoland website before you travel! The parks are closed on certain days. When we were there the waterpark was closed on Tuesdays and the Legoland park was closed on Wednesdays. I did not check this thoroughly before planning and by the time I went to book our hotel stay for the middle of our trip, we were going to be there Sunday-Tuesday which if I hadn't already booked all our other hotels I would have tried to avoid the closure days. They also have frequent closures on the restaurant and pool for events or maintenance. While we were there the Buffet Dinner was not on as they had a Special Holiday menu event which was disappointing.

Frequently Asked Questions -

Is it difficult to cross the Border?

It was actually quite easy! Surprisingly easy! As long as you fill out your arrival cards (for Malaysia on the way in and Singapore on the way back), it is quite quick! You do have to exit your vehicle at the Singapore border both ways and only on the Malaysian side if you are travelling by bus. If travelling by Private car you stay in the car as you pass through the Malaysian side. I will add a little bit more info about our tips for transfers in the section below.

Is there anything else around there to do?

The Legoland resort includes the Hotel, the Legoland Park, the Legoland Waterpark and the S.E.A Life Aquarium. We did have to go into town via an Uber to find a chemist when we first arrived, but we didn't see much around... other than that we didn't really venture out of the resort. Right outside the entry gates to the Parks, there is a small strip mall that contains some food places including KFC, Burger King and Starbucks as well as a Large Grocery store which also has a small food court inside.

Did you have to organise additional currency and a sim (wifi) for your Malaysia Stay?

To be honest, I forgot all about this until we were on our way! But it all worked out! The Legoland Hotel had great FREE Wi-Fi, and when we first arrived we headed straight to the shops next door to find an ATM. I withdrew about AUD 250 from my AU bank card (I had to pay a transaction fee of around $8) and that pretty much covered us for the 2.5 days we were there. It was only food (lunch, dinner & Snacks) & drinks we needed money for. Apart from some Lego and other toys the kids got from the stores which I just used my card for.

Transfers from Singapore -

I did a lot of research on whether a coach or a private transfer was the best option. I ended up booking a coach as I couldn't find enough reasons to pay the extra for the private car. Private Taxis cost around $100-$150 AU each way, and for the Coach, we paid $120 AU for a return trip for the 4 of us. We booked through WTS Travel which was recommended on the Legoland website. They do a 9 am pick-up (from one of their 2 pick-up points) for the trip over, and then their return trip leaves from Legoland at 5 pm. So these times would need to work for you to be able to go via coach. If you need to go to or from an airport etc or require a specific travel time you would need to book a private car. Last minute we did end up getting a Taxi over to Legoland which we paid $100 AU for... It was not what we planned, but I'll explain it all in the daily breakdown below. It is around a 1-hour drive from Singapore to Legoland and took us around 1 hour and 30 minutes in total with traffic, border checks, etc. I was told to allow up to 2.5 hours in case there were delays at the border, but luckily we didn't have any. I think booking the Coach was the right decision... but I'll let you decide once you hear about our experience.

TIP: We had a lovely taxi driver who took us from our hotel to the Coach pick-up and he explained a lot about how the border works. One of the things he said to us was booking a Coach was a smart idea! He said that a lot of residents cross the border daily for work or just for groceries, fuel etc as it is a lot cheaper in Malaysia so the car lanes can get quite congested especially at the end of the day or on weekends. Peak times can take up to 2-3 hours to get through the checkpoints! Coaches/Buses though have a separate lane as the passengers have to exit and walk through immigration so it can be a lot quicker. We didn't experience any traffic on our way there (a Sunday morning) but saw exactly what he meant on our way back. (a Tuesday evening) We drove straight through on the coach past hundreds of cars just sitting in traffic at the border. Immigration in Singapore did take longer on the coach compared to the 5 minutes it took us on the way over in the taxi as our coach was full of families so the manual passport line for small kids was a bit longer, but it only took around 30 minutes and was still a lot quicker than that car line.

The Parks/Tickets -

We ended up buying a 3-park yearly pass for each of us... Yup, you read that right. When I worked out the cost for 1 ticket each for the 3 attractions/parks it was a few dollars cheaper for us to each get a yearly pass. It also meant we had more freedom as to when we wanted to visit the parks, and we could visit each one as many times as we wanted. It worked out well as we got to visit the main Legoland Park twice! (I'll add more details about the parks in the breakdown below.) The Yearly pass also gave us a 15% discount on all park purchases! TIP: if you decide to do this also, Pass holders get a 20% discount on Hotel stays! I sadly had already booked and paid for the hotel before I got the passes and saw this! For 2 Adult and 2 Child 3park Yearly passes, we paid AU $595 via the Official Legoland Site.

The Hotel -

The Hotel... Where do I start...If you can fit in a night or two here I 1000% would! The Hotel was probably the best part! From the moment we pulled up to the front of the hotel, we were all in Awe! It's hard to describe in words, it was just SO COOL!! The first thing you see when you enter the Lobby Reception are two big Lego play areas, a Lego Pirate Ship and a Lego Castle both with large Lego pits filled with bricks for building! There are Lego Creations all around and hanging from the ceiling! It's pretty incredible! Every part of the hotel was decked out, even the bathrooms! The elevators are covered wall to wall with Lego images and have a disco ball and music that play when the doors shut. There are 8 elevators so you quite often get to have your own private disco party every time you get in!

When you book the hotel you choose which theme room you want. There are Ninjago, Kingdom, Adventure, Friends and Pirate Rooms. We booked a Family Pirate room! The Hotel floors match the rooms, so as we got out of the elevator on our floor it was all Island/pirates to one side and then Jungle/Ninjago to the other. We didn't think it could get much better, but then we entered our room! WOW! To say the kids were excited was an understatement. Corey and I were pretty impressed also! We were completely transported into a Lego pirate world! They thought of everything from the pirate-themed bathroom mirrors to the wallpaper & the carpet, the bedding and even the curtains! The layout was also very well thought out with families in mind! Ample wardrobe storage, A separate zone with Bunk Beds and a TV for the kids and a main bedroom with a King bed that could be closed off for the adults.

Every room comes with a Lego prize for each child. We found a little treasure hunt on the desk which had the kids finding the clues around the room, and once they found all the answers it gave them the combination to open the monkey's lock box...Inside was a little Lego set for each of them! Like how cool is that!

We had buffet breakfast included with our stay (I'm pretty sure all bookings have breakfast as part of the package!) which was in their "Bricks" Restaurant! Again, super fun & colourful and full of Lego Characters all around the place. A huge Selection of food, which was amazing for our fussy eaters! Other fun perks the hotel offers are Character meet & greets in the lobby daily and a Lego store if you want to do some shopping! (For 2 Nights & 4 people in a Pirate room, we paid AU $692 via the Official Hotel Site.)

Daily Recap - The fun stuff!

Day 1 - Singapore to Malaysia

I had pre-booked a taxi transfer from our hotel in Sentosa to the WTS Coach pick-up point. (I like to have transport organised when we are going anywhere with our luggage) The coach was booked for 9 am, we arrived at 8:30 am ready for an 8:45 check-in. When we arrived at the pick-up point something seemed a little off, it was very quiet and no others were waiting.... so I double-checked the booking to confirm we were at the correct place and then we waited... 8:45 am came and went and I started to get a little worried... I checked the WTS website and noticed that the pickup point had changed... I wasn't notified of any changes so I was just praying it was only for new bookings and that they would still collect us from the point of our booking... I emailed and called WTS multiple times but being a Sunday morning I got no answers. By 9:10 am I was completely panicked and in tears cause I knew it wasn't coming! At this point, I was franticly googling and contacting private taxi companies, thankfully found one that had an immediate availability and they picked up us within the hour! It cost us $100 AU, but I was just happy we had transport to Malaysia! The Taxi trip was pretty easy! We had to get out at the Singapore border with our passports and go through immigration. Our bags stayed in the car with the driver and they drove through to meet us on the other side. It was fairly empty and only took 5 minutes. At the Malaysian border, we stayed in the car and our driver handed our passports over and put the windows down for them to match us to our passports!

We arrived at the hotel at around 11:30 am, but check-in wasn't until 4 pm so I completed all our pre-check-in info, stored our luggage with the hotel and then we went for a walk around the resort and the strip mall. We had lunch and got some supplies from the grocery store for our room. We were still a little early but headed back to the hotel to wait, as the kids wanted to play in the lobby! There ended up being a room ready at around 1 pm which was amazing because after the morning we had had, I just wanted to freshen up! After we had explored the room, we decided to go pick up our passes and then check out the Legoland Park! It was a pretty warm afternoon, so we just walked around having a look at everything and all the rides we wanted to go on! We noticed that a few of the smaller kids' rides that Havana would ride similar ones at our local parks here, had a 104cm height restriction, so she was actually too small to ride there... I had looked at all the rides previously when doing research and didn't even think to check the restrictions as they all seemed like pretty tame rides aimed at smaller kids... There were still a few rides she could go on, but not as many as I had originally thought. So if you have a child under 5, I'd suggest checking the restrictions before you go!

After we did a lap of the park we headed back to the hotel and then straight to the pool! Another Area done with kids in mind! There is a large standard pool, and then another kid's pool that's only 50cm deep and full of foam Lego blocks! We spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool and then grabbed dinner and had an early night!

Day 2 - Sea life Aquarium & Waterpark

We started the day off with our delicious Buffet breakfast the the Bricks restaurant! It makes all the difference when you have breakfast included with your stay! After we filled our bellies we took advantage of the empty lobby and let the kids play! We also decided to take part in the daily Brick building competition that they have at reception! The Challenge for February was to build a flower bouquet! We were all building... & then somehow Corey and I ended up finishing it ourselves while the kids played! We handed in our creation and then headed back to our room to get ready for the day! Today we were off to the S.E.A Life and the Waterpark! Originally we had planned to do the Legoland park today but as I didn't check before booking, I didn't plan for the Waterpark to be closed the next day... But it was a beautiful day so we were excited! We did the Aquarium first! It wasn't an overly big Aquarium and only took us around an hour to get through! I loved how it had Lego right throughout the exhibits! One cool activity they had was a digital fish tank on a huge wall, and there were a heap of small touchscreens around where you could design and decorate your own sea life creature. Once you finish you release it out into to sea, and then you can watch it swim around the large digital fish tank with everyone else's designs! It was a huge hit with the kids!

Next stop, Legoland Waterpark! The sun was shining and it had warmed up so we were eager to dive into an afternoon of watery adventures. A short walk from the hotel to the park entry, we quickly rented some towels (It cost us 60RM to rent, with 30RM refunded on return of the towels) and made our way straight for the wave pool. We secured a spot for our belongings and some sunloungers to put our feet up while soaking in the sunshine! The kids spent a bit of time splashing around in the wave pool before we went and explored what other fun we could have. Similar to what we had noticed the previous day, the height restrictions on some of the slides were a bit higher than we were used to... so it was a little disappointing that Havana wasn't able to go on a lot! Nevertheless, she had a blast playing in the Joker soaker water playground and floating around the lazy river! At the Lazy River, you could "build a raft" from the foam Lego bricks and then attempt to float around in your creation! It looked like a lot of fun, but it was popular, so there were many people & it was hard to get enough bricks. We worked up a bit of an appetite so we grabbed some lunch, which was delicious and then treated ourselves to an ice cream! We relaxed a bit and let our food settle, Then the boys rode a few of the bigger thrill slides and Havana and I checked out the Duplo play area for the little ones. Overall our day was a lot of fun! The Kids absolutely love swimming and slides, so there were no complaints from them! While we had an amazing day, it is worth noting that a few of the areas seemed a little run down and could use a little revamp... However these minor imperfections didn't dampen our experience, and we had a fantastic afternoon! The waterpark isn't overly large, so a half-day is ample if you're short on time!

Day 3- Legoland Park & Back to Singapore

It was Bittersweet waking up this morning, sad knowing we were checking out of the most amazing hotel... but then excited to spend the day in the park! But up we got, and headed off to the Buffet for breakfast! Mason stopped at reception on our way past to check the winner of yesterday's building competition. He came running back with a huge smile, a certificate and a Lego Keychain Prize! He was so excited that we had won! (I'm not sure if we actually won, I think maybe every child who entered "won"- such a fun thing for the hotel to do) We filled our bellies and then got ourselves ready for the day, as well as packing up all our bags. We said goodbye to our room, put our luggage into storage, checked out of the hotel and then made our way to the Legoland park! Wanting to squeeze in every minute of fun we made sure we were at the park right at opening (10 am). Our Coach back to Singapore was picking us up at 4:45 pm, so we figured we would have to leave around 4 pm! The front gates to the foyer area open 10 min early and they have some characters and a show where at the end they count down to the park's opening! It was a nice little fun touch! I think it helped that we had a walk around that afternoon when we arrived, & I also did a bit of research after that so we knew which rides Havana was big enough for. We headed over to Lego City first, as this seemed to be the most "Havana Friendly" area! Havana went straight to little kids driving school, and then next door was Mason's turn! We all went to boating school (which was harder than we thought... I'm not sure we passed haha) The kids found the Shipyard playground... One thing about Legoland that was pretty amazing, was the playgrounds! Almost every area had a huge playground which the kids loved! Such a great idea to have so many areas where the kids can run around, and you don't have to line up etc. Next up we went to the fire academy! This was probably my favourite activity/ride. There were 4 Vehicles, 2 police and 2 fire ones. You got one per family/group and it was a race. You had to hand pump the controls up and down with 2 people to get your truck to the burning building, then you had to jump out and put out the fire. 2 people held the hoses and aimed while the others spun the water pumps. Once your fire was out you jumped back in your truck and raced back to the station! We are a pretty competitive family... so you can bet we won haha. The next stop was Land of Adventure and Ninjago World! We rode the Lost Kingdom and the Beatle Bounce & The 4D Ninjago ride was pretty cool! We headed over to Imagination Land for lunch where we had Yummy Pizza & then the kids played in the Duplo play town while we rested our feet! We noticed a 4D movie was about to start at the Lego Studios, so we checked it out! They have a few different ones that play over the day, the one we saw was "Mythica". There was no dialogue, but it was a pretty great little short film. The next stop was the "Kids power tower", a 2 person ride where you pull yourself up to the top of the tower by a rope and then let go to drop... This was a "Dad" ride. I was too hot and sweaty already, so Corey rode once with each of the kids haha! We didn't spend much time in Lego Kingdoms, as Havana wasn't able to ride anything in there, and Mason wasn't interested in riding them without her (so sweet!) Our last area for the day was Lego Technic! Mason and I went on the Technic Twister (the Lego version of spinning tea cups!) But I'd say the highlight ride was the Aquazone Racers, more so the water splashes on the outskirts of the ride. You Press the trigger buttons to spray and splash the riders as they go past! Mason thought this was the best! There are a couple of small kids' rollercoasters throughout the park, but Mason isn't a huge fan of rollercoasters and will only ride them if Havana can as well so we can all go. Our day was almost over, but we wanted to ride the Legoland Express train so we headed over to the station for our last ride for the day! It was nice to sit down and take in the park as we did a lap around! On our way out we hit the stores for some shopping! Mason went a little crazy in the Lego store and Havana got herself some plush toys! It was the perfect way to end our Legoland Adventure!

We grabbed our bags from storage and headed to the Bus bay to wait for our bus! And yes the coach did show up this time haha! We left Legoland around 5 pm and had a pretty easy trip back. We got to our stop at Suntec City at about 6:45 pm. I had pre-booked a transfer (via to pick us up and take us to our next hotel! To follow along on the rest of our holiday the Singapore blog will be finished and linked here soon!

Final Thoughts...

We loved our stay at the Legoland Resort Malaysia so much. I'd have to say it was probably the highlight of the trip! I know Mason and Havana would say it was their favourite part. It was busy but not crowded, we very rarely had to wait in lines at the parks. The Longest wait was about 5 min and that was for the 4D show to open. It was a great stopover & I highly recommend it if you have small kids! Since we have been back I have looking up other Legoland Resorts around the world hoping we can visit another one or maybe two sometime in the future!

For those of you who are reading because you are interested in the cost of our trip, I have put a Total breakdown below. Please bear in mind that this is based on February 2024 for 2 Adults, and 2 Children (9yr & 4yr) for 2 Nights.

Transfers: AU $120 (+$100 for our emergency Private Car)

Accommodation: AU $692.00

Park Tickets: AU $595.00

Spending Money: AU $400 Approx.

In total, around AU $1907 This included the extra money we had to pay for our Transfer stuff-up, as well as shopping for the kids at the Lego store!

I hope you have enjoyed reading our Lego Adventure and that it has helped you if you're also looking at doing this trip. If you have a moment and wouldn't mind could you please leave a comment below or leave a review on our Facebook page (every bit of interaction helps!)

If there is anything you think I missed or any more questions you have please let me know! I love sharing our experiences and travels, so I'm always happy to help.

- Courts xx

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