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The Ultimate 2-Week Itinerary for Visiting Singapore with kids!

Come along with us on our two-week trip in February/March 2024 to Singapore with kids (ages 4 & 9) as I share all the tips and tricks that we picked up along the way. Check out our Instagram to see our Story highlights and daily mini-vlogs from the trip. I have also included costs throughout the blog and totalled them up at the very end.

Fresh off our two-week adventure in Singapore, I'm excited to share the highlights of our trip! Our family had an absolute blast exploring all that Singapore has to offer. We started our adventure with five nights on Sentosa Island, then ventured to Legoland Malaysia for 2 nights, before returning to Singapore City for another five nights. As first-time visitors to Singapore and Malaysia, we were pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly Singapore caters to families. I can't wait to share it all with you!

-Before you Go-

If you've read any of my other blogs, you know I'm a strong advocate for planning and researching before embarking on a trip, especially when travelling with kids! I find comfort in having a slight idea of what our days will entail. Compared to other places we've visited, I found Singapore to be a bit more relaxed when it came to activities. While I pre-booked a lot, in hindsight, we probably could have gotten away with booking some of them while there. One of my biggest tips is to keep a Google Maps list handy. While researching, pin all the activities you're interested in, and then you'll have an idea of attractions in the same vicinity. It really helps in making the most out of your days! I created daily pages noting any bookings we had and all the other sights close by, so we weren't travelling all over the place.

-Frequently Asked Questions-

Before I get into all the breakdowns of our days, let's go through a few questions that I got asked a lot on our socials!

Is it overly hot over there? Look, I'm not going to lie – it was hot! The temperature was similar to what we have on the Gold Coast, but it was a different kind of heat: more humid and muggy. It wasn't unbearable, but you definitely noticed it, and sometimes it was a little uncomfortable. Some days were worse than others, and knowing what I know now, I would probably aim to travel in cooler weather if it were an option, especially because I don't do well when I feel sweaty, haha. But we still had a great time!

What's the best way to get around with kids? I have heard a lot of people love using the MRT as it is cheap and easily accessible, but we didn't use it at all! On Sentosa, they have a lot of free transport options, like the monorail, which we used frequently. It was a 3-minute walk from our hotel and went over to VivoCity on the main island and right down to the far beach end, so it covered anywhere we needed to go. When we were on the main island, we used the GRAB app (which is like Uber), and we found this most convenient. It was definitely more expensive than the MRT; we paid anywhere between $6 and $25 per ride. Even a trip to the zoo, which is 40 minutes away, only cost us $17 there and $25 on the way back. I think if it weren't so hot, we might have tried to use the MRT, but it was nice just being able to order a car to where we were and avoid walking too much with 2 kids.

What is the food like? Will fussy kids be able to eat much? I have a very fussy 9-year-old. And I mean very fussy. We did struggle a little bit with him, not because we couldn't find anything for him, but because he said everything just tasted 'different' – it drove us bananas! Thankfully, there are plenty of Western options around; he ate a lot of fish and chips, and there are all your usual fast-food places like McDonald's and KFC, etc. We also enjoyed great buffet breakfasts at two of our hotels, so we would fill him up on fruit, pancakes, and muffins in the morning! Additionally, we stocked up on snacks from convenience stores and grocers whenever we could!

Is it as expensive as everyone says? We found the attractions to be higher in price than I expected, but the food was reasonably priced. We didn't dine at any fancy restaurants, as I know some of those places can be quite expensive. Alcohol was a bit pricier, so if you plan on drinking, I would keep that in mind! However, we found shopping to be the most expensive aspect. Prices were about 10% higher than what we're used to, and after factoring in the currency conversion, it added up significantly. Therefore, aside from toys or souvenirs at the parks, we didn't do much shopping.

Family in front of universal sign in japan


We flew directly to Singapore from Brisbane with Qantas for our round trip. The flight was 8 hours, departing Brisbane at 11:05 am and arriving at Changi Airport at 5:05 pm. It was quite a smooth journey with the kids. Qantas provided excellent entertainment services, and we were served two meals along with snacks throughout the flight. On our return journey, we departed Changi at 7:20 pm and arrived back in Brisbane at 5:10 am. Surprisingly, the day flight felt easier than the overnight flight home. Havana and Corey slept for about 80% of the flight, but Mason didn't sleep at all! I struggle to sleep on planes, and coming home is always harder as you're already feeling sad about leaving, haha! For the 4 of us, return, it cost AU $3317.04. This included baggage for all of us, as well as meals and entertainment.


As mentioned above we stayed on Sentosa and then on the Main Island. We stayed at Legoland Malaysia in between, but I have added all the info for the Legoland Hotel in a separate blog here.

Sentosa: The Village Hotel Sentosa

I highly recommend this hotel! Sentosa Island can be quite pricey to stay on, but The Village was surprisingly affordable, and it exceeded our expectations. We were thrilled when we arrived; our rooms were beautiful! We booked a 'Family room,' which consisted of two connected rooms. I loved this setup because with the doors open, we had plenty of space and two bathrooms, which was a bonus. The pool areas were one of the highlights when booking, and they did not disappoint! We spent a lot of time swimming and cooling off from the heat. Breakfast was not included in our stay. On the first morning, we opted for the buffet, as there weren't many other options nearby, but we found it to be quite expensive and not worth it in my opinion. The kids hardly ate anything, and I didn't find much that I liked. Instead, we went to VivoCity and stocked up on fruit and bakery items from the supermarket for the rest of our stay. The location was ideal; it was only a 3-minute walk to the monorail and cable car station, which took us everywhere we needed to go. Resorts World and Universal Studios were only one stop away on the monorail or about a 10-minute walk. The only criticism I would have would be a few of the garden bed rooftops around the pool area felt a little worn, and needed a bit of love, and they didn't have enough tubes in the pool area. It was like survivor trying to get one and then keep it haha. For 5 Nights and 4 people at the Village Hotel Sentosa, we paid AU $2818.19 via 

Singapore: The Village Hotel Bugis Street

Unfortunately, I probably wouldn't recommend this hotel. I booked it because it belonged to the same hotel chain as the one we stayed at in Sentosa, and Bugis seemed to be conveniently located near many of the attractions we wanted to visit. Upon arrival, the lobby and reception area looked beautiful. However, during check-in, the staff member assisting us seemed concerned, and I overheard her whispering to another staff member that they didn't have any other king rooms available. Despite this, she provided us with keys, and we proceeded to our room. We were somewhat disappointed with our room. While it was spacious, it was also very basic and a bit run-down. Our room had a super king bed and a single bed, which was what we had booked. The bathroom left much to be desired – it was clean but not very functional. The layout felt cramped, with both the bathroom door and shower door opening onto each other. Additionally, our shower head didn't work, so we had to use the handheld arm, which kept falling off the holder. Furthermore, there were no power points in the bathroom, which wasn't a major issue but worth mentioning. So remembering what the staff member said at check-in I am not sure if all rooms were like this, or if we had a dodgy room as that was all that was left...

In terms of location, it was alright. We were across the road from Haji Lane and the Sultan Mosque, which provided a beautiful view from our room. However, we could also hear the prayers broadcasted on the loudspeaker, which often served as an early wake-up call. The buffet breakfast included with our stay was perhaps the best part of our experience. There were plenty of options, and everything was delicious. Another positive aspect was the presence of a laundry facility, which wasn't advertised on their website. We stumbled upon it on our floor one day, and it was a lifesaver as none of our other hotels offered self-serve laundry services.

-Hotel Transfers-

-Changi Aiport to Sentosa Hotel Private Transfer AU $53.93

-Sentosa Hotel to Coach pick up Private Transfer AU $84.18

-Coach Drop off to Bugis Street Hotel Private Transfer AU $67.96

-Bugis Street Hotel to Changi Aiport Private Transfer AU $ 58.91

All via

-Daily Recap- Let's get into it!

-Day 1- Sentosa Island & Harry Potter Forbidden Forest

Our first day in Sentosa began with a search for breakfast. Unfortunately, there was nothing around, so we opted for the buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant, though it was quite expensive and not really worth it. But It was our only option... Our plan for the day was to head over to VivoCity to stock up on supplies for our stay and do some shopping. To make the trip fun, we decided to take the cable car. We purchased a 2-line ticket, which gave us one return trip each on both cable car lines. For a round trip on both lines for 2 Adults and 2 Children we paid SGD 80 (Approx AU $100) Boarding the Mount Faber line, we made our way to VivoCity, where we found not one, but two shopping centres—the HarbourFront and VivoCity! It was huge, and had so many amazing shops as well as a heap of restaurants and fast food places! There was no shortage of things to see and do. After a bit of shopping, we grabbed Subway for lunch and purchased groceries, snacks, drinks, and breakfast options to keep in our room. As the day grew warmer, we returned to our hotel and spent the afternoon swimming and playing in the amazing pools. The kids loved floating around the lazy river, while Corey and I favoured the pool bar—haha!

It started to get late, so we had to go and get ready to experience the Harry Potter Forbidden Forest. #harrypotternerd I was more than excited! We hadn't used our 2nd ticket for the other Cable car yet, so we jumped on the Sentosa line and headed down to the beach. We couldn't go past trying some delicious themed treats like butterbeer, golden snitch cupcakes, and magic frog brownies before entering the enchanted trail. Lit by magical lights, the woodland path was filled with wizarding wonders and creatures straight out of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts! The experience was pretty magical, with a heap of interactive stops where you got to cast spells and illuminate the forest! It took around 45 minutes to walk through the whole trail. Even the kids walked the entire trail with smiles on their faces. For pre-booked Family Bundle tickets we paid AU $351.21 via the official site. After we finished playing witches and wizards, we rode the cable car back to our hotel, which was a sight on its own with the beautiful nighttime views! & that wrapped up our amazing first day!

-Day 2- Universal Studios It's Universal Day! We pre-purchased our tickets and Fast Passes online. Our tickets came with early entry, allowing us to enter at 9 am, an hour before opening. Tickets for 2 adults and 2 children, we paid AU $332 via the official site. Fastpasses for all 4 of us were an additional AU $380. Arriving at Resorts World around 8:20 am, we had plenty of time to snap some photos at the Universal World Ball. Surprisingly, it was very quiet, and we had no trouble getting photos with no one around! Lining up at 8:45 am for our entry time, we found ourselves about fourth in line. By the time it opened and we entered, only about 4-5 more groups were behind us. It was definitely a different experience from the huge lines we encountered in Japan; we felt like we had the park to ourselves!

We headed down Main Street, our first stop being the shops where we each chose a fun headband to wear for the day. Then, we continued to explore the park and discover what we could ride first, taking advantage of the super-low crowds. We soon realised only half of the park was open for early entry. Our first stop was Elmo's Spaghetti Space Chase, a ride I had read could have high wait times, so we headed in and jumped straight on. Not a single person was waiting! It was a really cute ride, definitely aimed at little kids. Havana loved helping Elmo save the spaghetti with her laser gun! We explored more of the park, but most of the rides weren't open yet. We walked around Sci-Fi City & Ancient Egypt and then waited for Far Far Away to open. In hindsight, we probably didn't need to be there for the full hour of early entry! The rest of the park opened up at about 9:50, and we went straight to Puss in Boots, another ride I had read could get quite high wait times. We did have our Fast Passes, but I thought we might as well take advantage of the lack of crowds and ride what we could then use our Fast Passes later to re-ride any favourites once the lines grew. We jumped straight on, again there was no one waiting in line! This ride was one of my favourites; it's like a roller coaster, but you're all sitting in a large, half-enclosed cart. It was super fun!

When we got off, we realized it was still quite quiet, with hardly any people around! We headed into Jurassic Park and rode the Dino Soarin' and the Dino Flyer. Corey rode the Flyer by himself as I assumed Havana would be too small to ride (it was a roller coaster-type ride where your feet hang). It was a quick ride, and when Corey got off, he told us Havana was actually tall enough to ride! So then we all jumped on together, again, no lines! Crazy! The ride was awesome; it was super quick, only about 15 seconds, and Havana loved it! Unfortunately, we got stuck in our seats waiting to get off; there was an issue with the floor coming back up to our feet, and we sat on the ride, melting in the sun, for about 15 minutes while they fixed it! The ride closed after we got off, but then it reopened about 5 minutes later. It was now only 10:30 am! We couldn't believe how much we had done and the park had only been open officially for 30 minutes! I was starting to think we probably didn't need to buy Fast Passes...

I highly recommend downloading the Universal Studios Singapore App. One thing I loved about this park was that they had meet and greet times available on the app, so you knew exactly when characters were coming out and where! I'm so used to visiting parks and having to be on the lookout, just hoping you're in the right place at the right time to find some characters! It made it so much easier to plan the day! Saying that, our next stop was Sci-Fi City where we grabbed a drink and some snacks and joined the line to meet a Transformer! It was so cool! A pretty lifelike Megatron transformer came walking out! The kids and I wanted to ride the Accelerator, Corey just watched as he doesn't do well on spinny rides. It was probably the longest wait we had so far, but it only took us about 10 minutes to get on. After that, we ended up heading back over to Far Far Away. We walked past the Elmo ride on the way and noticed it had over an hour's wait! It is definitely very popular! In Far Far Away, the kids rode the Potion Spin, and we used our Fast Passes to ride Puss in Boots again. It only had about a 10-minute wait time, but it was hot, so we thought, why not? Feeling like we had conquered most of the park, we grabbed a seat in Mel's Diner and ordered some burgers for lunch. We figured out what we had left to do. It was such a hot day, and we were all struggling with the heat, so we knew we weren't going to last too much longer!

After filling our bellies and resting our feet, we used our Fast Passes to ride the Elmo ride again. Havana loved it and would have ridden it 100 times if the line weren't so long! Then, we went to meet Fiona and Shrek. We were first in line, and it was adorable when Shrek arrived; he grabbed Havana's hand, walked her over, and then danced with her! She was one happy girl! Right after that, we raced straight over to the Waterworld show. Despite being around for so long, it was still great! Mason loved all the action! At this point, it felt like a mini heat wave, so after the show, we escaped the heat and got some Shrek waffles inside where it was air-conditioned! We were ready to go back to the hotel for a swim, but we had a few things we wanted to do before we left. We met the characters from Madagascar, and then Corey didn't want to leave without riding one of the big rollercoasters, so he skipped the line for the Battlestar Galactica with his Fast Pass, while the kids and I used ours to ride the Accelerator again. The last thing we wanted to do before we left was the Sesame Street meet and greet, so we grabbed some cold drinks and headed over to the meeting point. We were a little early and got to watch some fun street performers while we waited; they were breakdancing and playing instruments! It was pretty cool! We met Elmo, Abby, and all their Sesame Street friends, and then we did a bit of last-minute shopping before heading back to our hotel!

Final thoughts... We left around 3:30 pm, much earlier than we had originally planned. I must admit, the heat played a significant role in our decision to leave early! Despite being smaller than other Universals we've visited, the park was still very enjoyable, and we all had a great day. Even though we departed early, we managed to see and do pretty much everything we wanted to. The only thing we missed out on was the Treasure Hunters Cars ride, which Havana really wanted to go on, but there was an hour-long line with no Fastpass option, so we skipped it! Looking back, I probably could have saved money by not pre-purchasing Fastpasses. The early entry provided us with enough of a headstart before the crowds arrived. I also noticed staff members selling Fastpasses throughout the day, so we could have purchased them on-site if necessary. The park offered a stamp-out option for re-entry, but as we were heading back to swim, our stamps probably wouldn't have been useful anyway! haha

-Day 3- Aquarium & Museum of Ice Cream

We didn't have anything planned for today. After breakfast and getting ourselves ready, we explored our options. We settled on visiting the S.E.A Aquarium first. We walked over to the monorail and headed to Resorts World. Purchasing our tickets at the gate was a breeze; there were no lines, so we got our tickets and went straight in! Tickets for 2 adults and 2 children, we paid SGD 154 (approx AU $172) Aquariums are usually a blast for the kids! They could spend hours watching the fish. However, in my opinion, if you've been to an aquarium before, this one might not be worth it, especially considering the cost. We were finished in about 45 minutes, despite trying to take our time. While the aquarium was clean and new, the exhibits were somewhat lacklustre. It mainly featured a variety of fish and a few small sharks.

Next, since we found ourselves with more time than expected, we decided to visit the Museum of Ice Cream! After seeing so many posts about it on TikTok and Instagram, I thought it would be a really fun and unique experience. We hopped back onto the monorail and made our way to Vivocity. While grabbing lunch, I went online to book our tickets and secure a time slot. Tickets for 2 adults and 2 children, we paid SGD 172 (approx AU $189) via the Official site. Once we finished eating, we headed to the taxi rank to catch a ride to the museum. I've seen mixed reviews about the Ice Cream Museum, but we actually had a blast! You find your way through about 12 different themed rooms, with 5 of them offering unlimited ice cream! Some rooms were definitely better than others; some of the better ones included the playground, disco room, and jumping castle. One room even had walls filled with magnetic letters! And then, of course, there's the iconic sprinkle pool! Surprisingly, it wasn't overly crowded, and we often had rooms to ourselves, making it a breeze to capture those amazing photos! We spent nearly 2 hours there, and overall, found it to be a great experience. I would definitely recommend it! To wrap up our day, we used the GRAB App to hail a taxi back to VivoCity, where we indulged in a bit of shopping stocked up on supplies for our room and then headed back to the hotel to drop off our bags. Earlier that morning, we spotted a cute little food truck precinct at Resorts World, so we decided to explore it for dinner. It turned out to be pretty awesome! While the kids can sometimes be picky eaters, Corey and I enjoy trying new cuisines, so the food trucks gave us plenty of options and we got a variety of dishes. The kids enjoyed pizza and fish & chips, while we chose a selection of Asian dishes. It didn't disappoint, and the prices were quite reasonable!

-Day 4- Adventure Cove Waterpark

On our final day on Sentosa, once again, we didn't have any plans set in stone. So, we explored what was left to do! Despite the slightly overcast weather, which was still warm, we opted to visit Adventure Cove! Initially, we hesitated about going to the waterpark, as the view from the Cable Cars on our first day didn't make it seem very appealing. However, I'm glad we decided to give it a chance, as it turned out to be quite amazing and a lot of fun! I purchased our tickets online, and then we grabbed some pool towels, gathered all our belongings, and headed over! Tickets for 2 adults and 2 children, we paid SGD 144 (approx AU $158) via the Official site. After arriving, we sussed out the map and headed straight for the wave pool to secure some seats and store our belongings. En route, we passed the Lazy River, and it looked absolutely epic! It wound through caves and past mini aquariums, and I couldn't wait to check it out. However, the kids were fixated on the wave pool, especially with a DJ in attendance, so I happily lounged by the pool while Corey and the Kids splashed around. Our next stop was the Kid's Big Bucket Tree House playground, which was every child's fantasy, with slides and sprinklers galore! After that, we all went on the Lazy River adventure. It's a leisurely, river journey, occasionally interrupted by a passerby squirting you haha! While the front half of the River was Pretty awesome, the scenery became slightly less captivating toward the back. Nonetheless, there were enjoyable small rapids that provided a bit of excitement. As well as floating through an underwater tunnel surrounded by fish, turtles, and stingrays which was unexpected but amazing!

After a refreshing lunch break, we lounged by the wave pool, allowing our food to settle. Mason and Corey had a blast riding some of the bigger tube rides and racing each other on the Aqua Racers over and over, while Havana and I enjoyed the mini splash zone. It had been a fun-filled day, and I'm glad we decided to go! However, around 2 pm, the rain started, and that was our exit! We headed back to the hotel for an early night and to pack up all our belongings as we had an early pick-up tomorrow.

-Day 5, 6 & 7- Let's go to Legoland!

Although it was all part of the same trip, I have created a separate blog for our stay in Malaysia. You can check out all the info and recap on our stay at Legoland here.

-Day 8 - Haji Lane, Bugis Markets & Harry Potter Cafe

We awoke on our first morning on the main island, Excited for a day of exploring! Luckily, our hotel included a buffet breakfast with our stay, which is the best way to start your day! We only had one booked activity—an early dinner at a Harry Potter-themed restaurant—so we decided to dedicate the day to exploring the Bugis area. We thought we might as well walk from our hotel and as we crossed the road we stumbled upon Haji Lane! Although it was early and most shops were closed, it was amazing to see the vibrant artwork and the bustling laneway without the crowds. Continuing our exploring, we made our way to the Bugis markets, spending about an hour exploring the variety of stalls. The heat prompted us to purchase a couple of mini fans to keep cool. (our best purchase for sure!) From clothing and accessories to tech gadgets and toys, the markets had a huge variety of items at great prices. While we didn't splurge much, we did pick up a few toys for the kids and a mini handbag for Havana to carry her lip glosses—essential for any young fashionista! haha Wanting to escape the heat, we ventured over to Bugis Junction, a massive shopping centre. The Aircon was so refreshing, that we leisurely browsed through the stores. However, we found the shopping in Singapore to be on the pricier side. Nonetheless, we stumbled upon a cool arcade on the top level, allowing the kids to enjoy some gaming fun. And yes, I can confirm that the claw machines in Singapore are just as tricky! —maybe even more so haha.

We returned to our hotel to freshen up and rest a bit before heading out to dinner. While researching, I stumbled upon Platform 1094 and immediately made a booking. Taking a taxi to the restaurant, which was about 20 minutes away, we found it randomly on the corner of a busy street. As we entered we noticed all the floating candlesticks & letters hanging from the roof! There was a large bookshelf and a fireplace—it certainly had that Harry Potter vibe! We took our seats and perused the menu. We ordered some butterbeer and I ordered a Magical Cocktail 'The Flaming Brew,' which involved sprinkling 'Magical' dust to create flames—it was both fun and delicious! For dinner, we chose Fish & Chips, Chicken Pesto Pasta, and a Steak. To our surprise, the food was so delicious and was easily the best we had during our trip so far. Though I was slightly disappointed by the absence of 'Magical' elements in the main dishes, our desserts—the Golden Snitch, The Secret Message, and various wizarding treats—more than made up for it. Each dessert came with a mini smoking pot, covering our table in a mystical white cloud. The Secret Message Dessert even featured an edible scroll with a hidden message to unravel. After finishing our meal, the kids made use of the dress-up rack to play witches and wizards and cast spells. It turned out to be a truly Magical night!

-Day 9- Singapore Zoo

It's Zoo Day! I had a bit of a dilemma deciding which parts of the Zoo to explore: Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, Bird Paradise, or Night Safari? Should we try to see it all? Ultimately, we settled on just visiting the Main Zoo. While the Night Safari intrigued us, tackling it all in one day felt overwhelming. I had already pre-purchased our tickets and animal feedings, so after fueling up with breakfast, we grabbed a taxi to the zoo. Tickets for 2 adults and 2 children we paid AU $178 via the Official site. For 2 Elephant & 2 Giraffe Feedings + a Carousel ride, we paid AU $44. We arrived at the zoo around 9 am and got right into it by picking a direction. We began with the Chimpanzees, then ventured into Africa, where we saw Rhinos, Zebras, Giraffes, Lions, Elephants, and Cheetahs! It was so amazing, and the zoo was beautifully maintained. We hung around at the Elephants, waiting for the presentation and our feeding time. It was undoubtedly a highlight; Elephants are truly incredible creatures! The kids were so excited to feed them, that we couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces! Afterwards, we continued our adventure, finding Tigers, Hippos, Gorillas, Reptiles, and so much more! By this point, we had worked up an appetite, so we decided to stop for lunch. We opted for the Ah Meng food court near the Chimpanzees, and we were pleasantly surprised by the delicious Menu. There was a great variety of cuisines available, including some kid-friendly Western options like Nuggets or fish and chips, so we were all very happy! Following lunch, we explored Kidz World, a fantastic area for the little ones! It featured a two-level playground with a tree-house vibe, along with a selection of farm and pet animals such as Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, Mini Pigs, and Goats. Mason & Havava were over the moon with the opportunity to pet some of the animals. Once Havana had her fill of animal cuddles, it was time for our giraffe feeding experience! Being up close and personal with a giraffe was truly incredible; watching them eat with their long tongues left us all in awe. I'm so glad we chose the giraffe feeding!

As the day wore on, exhaustion set in, made worse by the heat. Needing a break, we made our way to the Carousel to use our ride tickets. Surprisingly, it was harder to find than we thought; nestled away with minimal signage, but it meant we had the entire attraction to ourselves! Before heading off, we made a point to visit the penguins and seals, the only area we hadn't yet explored. The kids then spent a good 30 minutes in the gift shop deciding on souvenirs. I didn't mind though, as the shop was air-conditioned! It was around 3 pm when we left, and we felt it had been a fulfilling day—a definite must-visit! We all really enjoyed our time there!

Once we returned to the hotel, we took showers and had a little rest. The excitement of the zoo wore us out, especially Havana, who had been fighting a nap. We decided to find somewhere for dinner on Haji Lane as we hadn't experienced the atmosphere of the lane during opening hours yet. After walking through, we settled on Piedra Negra, a Mexican restaurant located at the entry of Haji Lane, known for its vibrant building. The food was delicious, and the cocktails were a perfect way to unwind after our massive day!

-Day 10- Sightseeing, Gardens by the Bay & Singapore Flyer

With just a couple of days left in Singapore, we're determined to check off the remaining things on our list. So today, we're embarking on a full day of all the sights! Starting the day with our usual routine of filling our bellies at the buffet, we then set off to get a start on our jam-packed Itinerary. Our first stop was Little India, where we took in all the vibrant street art and brightly painted townhouses. Next up was Joo Chiat Road, renowned for its stunning Peranakan Houses. I'll admit, my main motivation was to capture those "Instagram-worthy" photos of the colourful homes, and it seemed we weren't alone in that endeavour, as many others were doing the same! The array of colours were just so pretty! We took some time to explore the area, admiring all the street art and architectural beauty. Afterwards, we hopped into a taxi to Parkway Parade Shopping Centre. Promising the kids a trip to Toys R Us and in need of some lunch, it was the perfect pit stop.

Following our meal, we made our way to Merlion Park to catch a glimpse of the iconic Singapore Mascot and enjoy views of the Marina Bay Sands building across the bay. The park was extremely busy, and I couldn't help but wonder if it was always this busy or if it was due to Taylor Swift's being in town and her first Singapore concert the following night... After snapping a few photos, we decided to escape the crowds and head over to Gardens by the Bay. I purchased our tickets online on the way over in case it was also as busy! There are so many things to do at the Gardens, but I knew I wanted to see the Cloud Forest, so we got the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Combo Tickets. For tickets for 2 adults and 2 children, we paid SGD 100 (approx AU $110) via the Official site. We visited the cloud forest first, It was busy, but not overly. As soon as you walk in you're met with a gigantic waterfall! It was pretty incredible to see! We probably spent a good 5 minutes standing there just taking it in. You then follow the path, and explore the many floors starting at the top and working your way down! The view from the aerial walkways at the top is amazing! We were definitely pleased with the cloud forest! We then entered into the Flower Dome. Compared to what we had just experienced, it seemed a little lacklustre. We followed the path and walked through all the gardens, but we were done and out in about 10 minutes.

When planning our trip, I had read about a Jurassic-themed food court at the Gardens, so that became our next stop! What a discovery it was! It exceeded my expectations! A dinosaur-themed food court with lush greenery and giant lifelike dinosaurs scattered throughout! So Cool! You could order food from about 8 different stalls using kiosks, allowing us all to choose what we wanted while keeping a close eye on those dinosaurs! haha! After finishing our dinner, we made our way over to Marina Bay Sands, capturing the Supertrees on our way past (they were amazing!). As we approached, you couldn't help but notice the view of the giant boat-shaped top that connects the three main buildings and how incredible it looked from below! We then walked over to the Marina Bay Shoppes, where we watched the Gondola rides on the ground floor and did some window shopping at all the high-end stores as we made our way through to the helix bridge on the other side.

As it was getting late, we decided to make the Singapore Flyer our final stop for the day. We aimed to time our visit so that we could be on the Flyer as the sun went down. Fortunately, it was just a short walk from Marina Bay, so we crossed the bridge, and I booked tickets while we walked! Our tickets included entry to the Time Capsule exhibit, which seemed to be included with all tickets, as I couldn't purchase them separately. Tickets for 2 adults and 2 children, cost us AU $154.36 via Klook. Entering the Time Capsule exhibit, which served as an entry point to the Flyer, was an immersive experience that took us through Singapore's past and future. It was actually quite interesting, and the kids particularly enjoyed the interactive elements. Once we finished there, we joined the small lineup for the Flyer. It was the perfect time as the sun was just beginning to set! The capsule we rode in was spacious, seating eight people comfortably with bench seats in the middle and plenty of room to move around. Initially, I felt a bit anxious standing so close to the windows and couldn't bring myself to go near the doors, but the experience was incredible, especially when we reached the top! The entire rotation took about 40 minutes, and seeing the sights as the sun went down was simply perfect. As it got dark, the city lights lit up the sky, and we even caught a glimpse of the Super Tree Light show at the Gardens, which began just as we reached the top! Overall, it was another must-do experience and the perfect way to finish our day!

-Day 11- Cafe Monochrome, Shopping & Pug Cafe

Yesterday was packed with sightseeing, so today we decided to take it easy and focus on some fun activities for the kids. After breakfast, we took our time getting ready. Since it was our last full day, I did some packing while the kids opened some of the toys they had picked up along the way. Once we were all set, we hopped into a taxi and headed to Cafe Monochrome. I had this place on my list of must-visit spots, and I thought the kids would enjoy it too. As we arrived, the cafe seemed smaller than I had imagined, but I soon realized they had plenty of seating in the back. We ordered a Caramel Tart, a Chocolate Lava Cake, a Biscoff Iced Latte, and some Fries. We found some seats out the back, & were fortunate to have the room to ourselves. The black-and-white 2D concept of the cafe was pretty cool, and we had a blast playing with the props and taking way too many photos! Plus, our food was delicious!

The next stop for the day was SuperPark, a massive indoor playground! We decided not to tell the kids exactly what it was, simply mentioning that there was a playground in a shopping centre. We took a taxi over to Suntec City, which turned out to be enormous! It was three separate buildings, each with about five floors. Surprisingly, we stumbled upon the right building within just five minutes of walking around, and found ourselves looking straight into the windows of the lower level of SuperPark! The kids were beyond excited! We headed upstairs to locate the entrance and purchase our tickets. As we queued up to pay, I soon realized we might have made a mistake—it wasn't cheap, and Havana needed a paying adult with her as she didn't meet the minimum height requirement. But there was no way we were getting out of this now, with the kids being so close... (believe me, we tried!) So Corey and the kids got signed up, and I resigned myself to following them around, taking photos and videos. But I soon realised I couldn't enter the playground without a wristband to scan in, which meant I either had to pay or wait at the front without a view of them at all. So, off to the counter, I went to sign up. Tickets for 2 adults and 2 children + Grip socks each cost us SGD 129.60 (Approx AU $145.15) Once we were all inside, it was actually pretty amazing! There was a fantastic section for kids under 100cm right at the beginning, although Mason was too big for it. Heading downstairs, we found a huge climbing play area with slides, a flying fox, a tube slide, basketball and soccer games, trampolines, rock climbing, carnival-style games, and even a bike/cart track! It was insane! The kids had an absolute blast, and you can bet we made the most of our two hours there!

After our time at Suntec, we realized we hadn't yet visited one of the big hawker markets. While we had enjoyed meals at various hawker food courts elsewhere, we hadn't experienced any of the famous market centres. So, we decided to take a taxi over to Maxwell Food Market for a late lunch. As we arrived, we noticed it was quite busy and it was a bit overwhelming. Even at 2 pm, the market was crowded, and after four laps, we still struggled to find a table. Eventually, we managed to secure one in a back corner, though it was a bit far from the stalls so it was hard to browse the food options, as one of us had to stay with the kids. Many of the places we wanted to try had long lines, with queues of at least 30 people. Corey eventually found a stall where he could order some food for us to share. While we would have liked to sample more dishes, it was a bit too chaotic and the kids were over it! We headed back to the hotel, as we had one more fun activity for the kids!

We dropped off our bags in our room and freshened up before making our way to Haji Lane.

During the trip planning, I stumbled upon a pug cafe called "What the Pug", and we spotted it on our first day exploring the laneway. Havana was desperate to visit, but unfortunately, it was closed at that time. I checked online and found spots available for 5 pm. Since we were right across the road, I didn't book, we just went straight over. However, upon arrival, we were told they were full, which left Havana devastated. So I went online immediately & booked us in for the 7 pm time slot so we didn't miss out again. Tickets for the 4 of us cost SGD 112 (approx AU $123.20) via the Official site.  We wandered around the block, then returned to our room to wait until it was time. When we arrived, we eagerly sat in the little cafe room, waiting patiently for the other guests to arrive. The cafe was owned by an older gentleman, and all 12 pugs belonged to him. He was visibly proud of his furry friends, which was so sweet. Once everyone had arrived, the owner let his 12 fur babies from his apartment upstairs into the cafe. It was pretty crazy; the pugs were all so excited. Havana was in heaven, and seeing the pure joy on her face just made it so worth it! The owner introduced us all to each of the pups, sharing their names, ages, and where they came from. We got to feed them treats, cuddle with them, and take photos. They were very friendly and would come right up to you and climb into your lap! I did initially worry about the cleanliness/smell etc, but the cafe and the pups were immaculate! We spent 45 minutes there, and although it is a 'cafe' you don't actually eat or drink in there (except treats for the pups), we did however, receive a canned drink and a mini Polaroid photo each as we left. I really had debated whether we should go or not, but looking back, I'm so glad that we did.

-Day 12- The Jewel at Changi & Home time!

Is it really over? Sadly, tonight we're flying home. Our flight wasn't until 7:20 pm, and since we hadn't had the chance to check out the Jewel yet, we decided to head to the airport early and spend the day there. Our hotel checkout time is 11 am, so I pre-booked our airport transfer to pick us up at 11:30. The Jewel offers an amazing early check-in service just outside the Arrival hall, allowing you to check in your luggage up to 24 hours early. It was incredibly handy, and we had all our big bags tagged and checked in within 20 minutes of arriving at Changi Airport. After that, we took our two carry-on suitcases to the luggage storage, where we paid around SGD 22 to store them for up to 24 hours, saving us from having to push them around the shops all day. The only thing we didn't think about was a day of walking, and we had checked the pram in! haha! Our first stop was obviously the famous Jewel waterfall, as we were on the main viewing level. It truly is amazing, and since we had a lot of time to kill, we took our time.

Later, we found our way to the food court for lunch. The Jewel has a huge variety of food and restaurants throughout, as well as a food court with all the fast foods and Hawker stalls, and above that level, a dedicated restaurant area. After lunch, we visited a few stores on the same level for some last-minute shopping. The kids went to Toys R Us, and I found a Disney store, then grabbed some souvenirs and gifts from my favourite shop, MiniSo! The Jewel is shaped in a circle with the waterfall cascading down the middle, so we planned to walk and shop around each level at a time, and check out the waterfall as we went. We started at the bottom and worked our way up to the top, enjoying the different waterfall views from each level. (It's insane how different it looks on each level!) On the very top, we found a heap of fun activities like rope climbing, garden mazes, and skywalks. They were ticket attractions, though, so we just had a little look and continued on. Once we had seen it all and shopped till we dropped, we picked up our bags from storage and headed into the airport. After going through all the checkpoints, we found some seats in the departure lounge to wait for our flight and relax, as we were so exhausted.

I can't believe it's over. What a trip! See you later, Singapore!

Man and kids at the jewel fountain

If you made it this far... Thank you!

For those of you who are reading because you are interested in the cost of our trip to Singapore with kids, I have put a little Total breakdown below. Please bear in mind that this is based on February 2024 and the exchange rate was approx AU $1 = $0.81 Singapore Dollars and based on 2 Adults, 2 Children (9yr & 4yr) for 12 Nights.

Flights: AU $3317.04

Accommodation: AU $4845.22

Hotel Transfers: AU $264.98

Legoland Stay: $1907.00

Pre-Purchased Tickets: AU $1285.21 (Forbidden Forrest, Universal & Zoo)

Spending Money: AU $5500 Approx. (Including all other attraction tickets & Taxis on the GRAB app)

This totalled to around AU $17,000. To be honest, adding all of this up for this blog, I was surprised at the total cost. It totalled the same amount as our Japan trip and I had expected it to be a little bit cheaper! I felt like our tickets and attraction costs were higher than what we would usually spend, especially considering our reduced spending money. We did a lot of shopping but didn't buy much, as it didn't seem worth it. The items we considered buying were cheaper to buy back at home. Overall, I'd say that with careful planning of activities and opting for budget-friendly dining options like hawker markets, it's entirely possible to stick to a budget. Another money-saving option could be staying on the main island and visiting Sentosa only as needed for attractions like Universal Studios. I would also like to add that this trip was entirely planned and paid for ourselves. There were no paid promotions or any gifted opportunities.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, & it was helpful if you're planning your holiday! if you have any questions, leave a comment below, or contact me on my socials! I love Chatting Travel!

- Courts xx

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